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a piece of my life, my interest and anything I want to share. Loves book and movie, hard worker, interest at: Greek Mythology, Classic Story, Victorian Era and Spanish language, English Literature, England & Spain, British Accent ♥ Benedict Cumberbatch
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Soooooo vintage

And you still don’t know me yet

T.G.I.F!!! at Aida’s Abbey – View on Path.

This certificate is #limitededition. And big big big thanks for Caroline who made this for me #tears

I never ment to brag but my friend send this to me this morning :’)

Good morning – View on Path.

Watch all night long ;) at Aida’s Abbey – View on Path.

"Baby, you need a wake up call. You’re way too comfortable. You think that now you have you don’t have to work at all." – Preview it on Path.

One of my favorite quote by William Shakespeare – View on Path.